About Us

Established in 2012, Profile India offers innovative construction of new homes. Our commitment to personal and quality service makes us different from others. Our wooden home architecture is enabled by modern technological innovation with more creativity. We are well versed in designing the new home from scratch. Our team works with the talented and professional architecture that is well versed in handling every procedure in the construction. In modern times, wooden homes have been popularly alternative for the extensive organic, ecological and healthy living. Building a new home depends on your design, budget and many other aspects so our aim is to bring you the completely new designed home with complete innovation. Our innovation in architecture is suitable for your family to lead a healthy, ecological and sustainable high tech home.

Our mission is to design your desired living in the genuine wooden home to make a peaceful living to the excellence. Start a new life in the stylish and modern designed wooden home. Our primary importance is wood and we provide you the healthy indoor climate with enabling more protection. With a wide variety of wood profiles and quality material with the experienced workmanship, we bring you the unique wooden architecture with fantastic design and theme. Site topography could normally define the home plan that offers the unexpected design ideas to transform the small homes into the beautiful sanctuary. Our designed homes are picked to offer the extensive sustainable building feature that brings you complete unique facilities and techniques.

Your New Dream Home Awaits You

We Are Experts in Renovations!

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We Are Experts in Renovations!

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We Do Great Design For Creative Folks


01. Creative Idea

We are the leading team of experts committed to bringing your dream into reality. We always help people to get their modern wood home based on their desire, we use high-quality woods and creative ideas to construct modern wood homes. Our commitment is to offer best services to all our clients. First of all, we start to construct wood houses based on our clients’ needs and ideas. Even we do proper research to bring some innovation in our work. Our dedicated team of experts always produce our wood with tongue groove joints that allow you to enjoy your nature-based life for a long time by protecting control natural cracking. We use proper materials and technology to ensure wind proofing so you no need to experience any difficulties. However, we allow anyone to enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Wooden Home For Hassle-Free Lifestyle:

Currently, most people prefer to construct a wooden home to experience hassle-free lifestyle with their family, overall it is the best choice to enjoy moderate weather conditions at all times. We have the ability to construct different wood homes in a wide range of log sizes and the house allows you to enjoy the perfect combination of strength and aesthetics. Apart from that, our houses also have a secure fit that supports you to secured lifestyle with your family. Thus consider approaching our experts to bring your innovative ideas into reality. In addition, we completely focus on your exact needs so always accept your ideas to construct a wooden home and offer maintenance services based on your requirements.

02. Consultant

If you need in the need of constructing wood home to enjoy eco friendly lifestyle, then you must approach our company, we are the leading team of professionals aim to offer the best range of services and consulting solutions. We have our own Research & Development Team so you can receive best support from our team. First of all we use high quality material for construction process and offer different services to maintain your home in a perfect condition. Our experience engineering team and skilled construction team always focus on our customer needs also offer best solution based on the ongoing trends. With our experience we continuously developed new type of homes and also allow our customers to bring their dream into reality.

We offer complete guidance to ensure comfort level of our customers. First of all, we start any project by doing proper sere arch about the recent trends and use latest concepts for construing new range of wooden home. However, we have developed different types and different styles of Wooden Houses with unique options, we are popular for practical approach and timely delivery so you can enjoy our service at any time. In addition to this, we also continuously developed latest range of outdoor landscape material that also favoured by the experience landscape architects. Apart from that our solutions completely support people who interested in enjoying healthy and eco friendly lifestyle. Therefore approach our dedicated team of experts to get construction services we also provide free estimation to our clients.

03. Landscape

Nowadays, most people are paying close attention to Eco-construction, it is otherwise known as sustainable construction. People go with the green building proposes to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. It is not a specific construction method but this will brings together a set of nature- based materials, a technique that also integrated into a construction process. In an ideal world, wooden eco-construction gets great popularity across the world. Constructing home with recyclable as well as non-toxic materials allows anyone to enjoy the stress-free lifestyle. When it comes to building a wooden home we make everything ready for the planning, landscaping etc. landscaping is one of the important factors for constructing an eco friendly home.

A green building is the best choice and now we provide best range solutions based on our customer needs. Even our services are also available at a reasonable cost. With the efficient use of energy, recourses we help our customer a lot. Our techniques also reduce waste, as well as pollutions that harm to the environment. We start any project based on our customer needs, whether it be a complete landscape, build, design, maintain or any simple sod installation we will take care of it. We have great experience in both residential and commercial landscape construction jobs so you can get best services from us. Therefore don’t waste your time just approach our dedicated team of experience to get best landscaping solutions, we are committed to offering eco-friendly services at reasonable rate.

04. Renovations

In general, owning and living in a log cabin is one of the great choices to enjoy a stress-free lifestyle with your family. Even it allows anyone to get a fantastic experience. Now, most people also prefer to experience the nature-based lifestyle, so we help our clients to construct a home is surrounded by the natural, beautiful and rustic environment. Our services can provide you with experience and also brings tranquil feelings. Having log homes and owning a log cabin is the really awesome choice for anyone to enjoy the peaceful lifestyle, usually log a home does not require continues maintenance but in a certain point of time, it is important to pay close attention to it. Maintenance of log home is simple with our company; in the most condition it is important to pay close attention to its interior. Normally whilst log cabin maintenance always depend upon the following factors

  • Site location
  • Design prudence
  • Maintenance
  • Environmental factors

Along with the maintenance, we also offer cost-effective renovation services; with our team you can easily renovate your log home without wasting much amount of money. We use high-quality materials for renovating your home that also ensures the longevity of your home.

Therefore utilize our exclusive services to save much amount of money, time; we are the leading team of experts committed to offering the best range of renovation services also offer maintenance services at reasonable rate.